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Mose Code Series Knitting Running Shoes


The inspiration comes from the Morse Code in 1837. Vamp is using 3D integrated weaving technology. It can become seamless and strengthen the support. The symbol of punctate weaving and intermittent embroidery technology is the intermittent sign code.The tailor-made code comparision table can decode the tongue label and TPU Code. It can bring new sports experience and add the pleasant sensation of exploring unknown.

The knitting in the heel part is tighter , the supportion is stronger.And the knitting in the forefoot is sparse, it can improve the breathability and flexibility.The dot knitting and the intermittent embroidery are the symbols of intermittent signal code.

The outsole is using the wearable and skidproof rubber outsole, and high-elastic MD outsoles, it has the ability of gripping the ground. The groove in the outsole and the TPU strong support in the middle, it has the ability of cushioning


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